DroidJack APK Free Download Crack free Download 2022

DroidJack APK Free Download Crack Free Download 2022

DroidJack APK Free Download Crack free Download, known initially as SandoRAT by Symantec, is an Android Trojan horse that is supposed to have been created by previous Android app developers. Sando RAT was first sold on a hacker forum and later used in cyber operations in August 2014, targeting Polish bank customers.

Droidjack Free Download for PC hAlso, features similar to other AndroAlso,programs, such as copying files between device and computer, viewing all messages on the device, listening to phone calls, viewing all contacts, listening live, or recording audio. Capacity included from Also, device’s microphone. Also,l the device, camera, view device technical information, and get the latest GPS location of the device.

In July, 2021 malware was caught in the Pokemon Go Android app through unofficial installation methods. In August, it was reported that DroidJack was distributed through so, Carrier Services (OTT), which includes Skype from Microsoft and WhatsApp on Facebook.

DroidJack APK Free Download Crack free Download 2022:

Are you looking for the best Android Remote Management Tool? If so, you know that there is a powerful RAT available for Android called DroidJack Crack. This software is mainly used to monitor the victims’ Android phones. Today, the most widely used operating system is Android. It is state-of-the-art software. Also, it can easily control the entire Android device or hunt. With one click

Now, this program can control the latest Android update, which takes Droid Jack Download 2021 to the next level of the Android hacking tool. This program can hack any Android device, just what you need to do. This is to create a payload using this program and then send or install the load. Also, the victim’s machine using their brain. You will then be able to gain full access to the device using this program.

Are you looking for Android Remote Administration Tool? The full version of DroidJack APK is free to download. This is a closed source RAT app for your smartphone. It allows you to control and monitor multiple devices simultaneously with a simple, centralized interface.


DroidJack APK Free Download Crack free Download 2022

Key Features of Droidjack:

  • Access to call logs for Android devices.
  • Send text messages using the victim’s machine.
  • Direct call record.
  • Make a phone call using the victim’s machine.
  • Listen to the microphone.
  • Also, photos
  • Record video clips.
  • Download call recording
  • DroidJack Download Crack Call Logs / Text Messages.
  • Built-in APK tool.
  • Also, Voyager to download files from the victim’s storage.
  • Tracker SMS Delete SMS.
  • Also, the dialogue.
  • Call manager to use call-related stuff.
  • Communication browser.
  • v-sighted people also record video to take pictures with the front or rear camera.
  • Also, ear to listen directly to the microphone.
  • GPS locator to get the latest hunting location.
  • Read applications that have the application manager installed.
  • Get detailed information about your IMEI number and more.

What’s New Cracked in DroidJack: –

  • Other bug fixes.
  • Improved interface.

System Requirements:

  • Java runtime environment.
  • 1 GHz processor.
  • Works with all versions of Windows.
  • All you need is 50 MB of space.

DroidJack APK Free Download Crack free Download 2022

How to Install DroidJack Free Crack 2022?

  • In the first step, you need to download it from the link below.
  • Now make sure it works as expected, ie. It does not lock, so you can learn to use it without any hassle.
  • After running the tool, Java must also be installed on your system.
  • After that, you need to open the application.
  • We have verified so that the user can see where this file is.
  • After opening this file, you will see that it is asking for your username and password. Both username and password are “admin.”
  • Now you can see the following type of interface, which is very impressive. All you need to do is enter 1337 in the Port Number field.
  • And then enable the Receipt option. Then you need to click on the “Create App” option.
  • Also, You did Just type the app’s name here; you can type Apple, Microsoft, Pubg, Mini Malaysia, or anything that looks real.
  • Then you need to provide your system’s local IP address along with the DNS here. Enter 1337 in the Port Number field.
  • Also, there is an attractive option. If you want to link the DroidJack download crack file to another file, all you need to do is type the
  • Path of that file here and then save it to both files. Otherwise, just click CreateIt is available in the same folder where you can find
  • This program. Now you have to send this file to the affected device with the help of social engineering and install it there.
  • Also, it is successfully installed, and the affected person clicks on this button. There will be hunting sessions on your system.
  • Next, you need to click on the Graphics Device option, and you can check where you got the infected device from.
  • Right-click on the device, and you will see that there are many options available to use


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